Indigenous Science of the Hawaiians

Th​e Ancient Hawaiian Approach to Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical Health/Empowerment

HUNA Introduction

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Arts
120 Newkirk Rd, Richmond Hill

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What is HUNA

The Indigenous Science of the Ancient Hawaiians for Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health & Empowerment.

Ancient wisdom, teachings and techniques that come from the Bray-James lineage.

A 28 generation unbroken lineage that has permission to carry on the lineage and teachings from Ancient Hawaiian Practitioners and Hula Masters. This is the HUNA of Kuauhaoali’i, Daddy Bray, Pappa Bray, Uncle George Naope, and John Kaimikaua.

You Will Learn

  • W​​​​​hat is HUNA, Hawaii, and the 28 Generation Lineage that comes from the Kona side on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • The importance of the HA breath.
  • How HUNA correlates with other practices of the world.
  • What are/​​​​​how to perform various types of practices, meditations, exercises, and activities in HUNA.
  • How HUNA interprets the 3 Selves & 4 Bodies - Higher Self/Unconscious Mind/Conscious Mind & Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Physical.
  • The deeper meaning of Aloha and what it takes to be Pono. (Have an unwavering congruence with Self, Others, and the Universe)
  • An Introduction to the HUNA approach to Ho'oponopono - The Hawaiian Forgiveness Process.
  • How to apply HUNA in your everyday life.